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What is the #TimeForce?

As those establishments who are accepting Bitcoin for their Goods & Services, start wanting to be able to service their communities by being able to offer them a solution for easily obtaining Bitcoin.

This is where #EasySats & Bitcoin Vouchers come in. 

Firstly, we take away the need for them to be seen as an exchange as at #EasySats, we don't sell Bitcoin, we sell Bitcoin Vouchers. These Vouchers are identical to Mobile Airtime Vouchers like the ones those establishments already might sell in the form of MTC or TN Mobile Vouchers, with the added ease of being able to scan a QR Code for redemption of that Bitcoin Voucher, using a Bitcoin App. 

This is where the additional Revenue Stream for these establishments comes in. Once they purchase their liquidity to be able to issue Bitcon Vouchers, they can immediately start selling vouchers at the price they determine by themselves, as the login details for their account are given to them, and only to them. 

As the main Vendor who issues the liquidity to them, #EasySats is the entity that provides them with their login details & is the one who adds their Brick & Mortar establishment to the global map of places where one can purchase a Bitcoin Voucher, giving their business visibility to an International audience in a Tourist Destination Country. 

For every Sub-Vendor that you sign up, there is a split of profits that will be scaling from 70/30, working towards an eventual 50/50, as you sign up more sub-vendors.

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#TimeForce Application

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